Poems of Adventure

Poems written during the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 2014

Poems written during the Ireland Challenge Yacht Race April 2006

The Mountains

Pacific Storm

Pacific Storm

Lost in screaming winds
We lurch through darkness.
No mast, no sky, no sea;
By jib and staysail dragged
In mindless surges.
Brute forces twist, jerk, unseen
In awesome might and carelessness
Parting the torrents.
Tempest soaked we harden.
Limbs leadened, minds numbed,
We taste our smallness.
Clutch. Endure.

A dawn glimpse of blue
Fragments the bitter grey;
A breaking wave turns turquoise
Under its seething crown;
Piercing sunlight dazzles the pewter sea
To beaten silver
Glorying in light
We find ourselves.