Leadership, consultancy and courses which build skills and confidence in the most challenging aspects of school leadership:

  • Addressing underperformance
  • Securing effective Middle Management
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Coaching
  • Holding courageous conversations
  • Managing uncooperative attitudes
  • Motivating the de-motivated
  • Addressing absenteeism

Tailored to the specific needs of your school, or group of schools, whether primary, secondary, independent or special, at a time and place to suit you.

Whether based in your school or off-site, my consultancy will develop relationships within your team, build your confidence, support collegiality and increase rigour.

Applications from clusters of schools, federations and trusts are welcome. In such cases my aim is to develop relationships, collaboration and networking within the cluster.


I have been Principal for just over 1 year. My SMT were not comfortable about challenging underperformance and I felt this consultancy would be an excellent opportunity for the team to work together to address share concerns.

It was excellent from start to finish. Superb. Edward got the pace and tone spot on for where we are as a college. He was honest, open, with a sense of humour and good personal experience to share. The consultancy was extremely successful: the team all felt they had gained in confidence and are much more aware of their own strengths. By Friday, two days later, we had already resolved two outstanding staffing issues. I would absolutely recommend this service again: the concept of tailored training for the senior Leadership Team is something all schools should look into.

Matthew Pitts, Principal, Wellington College, Belfast.