Time for an ECO Resolution

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? And have you managed to keep it?

How about making a resolution for the whole of the Twenties decade? One that will make all the difference to future generations?



The UN published an Emissions Gap report in December, saying that Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) needed to fall by 7.6% every year if we are to have a chance of keeping warming to 1.5 degrees. 

Since we have already seen the horrific consequences of 1 degree of warming, how about we each make a New Decade Resolution to reduce our personal GHG emissions by 7.6% each year until 2030?

The urgency of the situation could not be more apparent. I imagine many of you, like me, have been receiving emails and messages from friends and family in Australia, who are traumatised by the massive and on-going fires in Australia. The messages are heartbreaking and the fears for their homes, health and futures on that continent are real….as is their anger at the lack of leadership from their prime minister. We could not have been given a clearer message of the future we are creating for ourselves if we don’t move on from our carbon based lifestyles. 

However, the COP 25 In Madrid ended in deadlock, with politicians unable to unite behind any binding resolutions or targets. A Christian Aid report calculated that there were at least 15 climate related catastrophes that each resulted in over $1 billion in damage, let alone the lives lost. I imagine the Australian fires will dramatically inflate that estimate.

Most tellingly for me, on Greta Thunberg’s edition of Radio 4’s Today programme, the Gas and New Energies Director for Shell, who are spending just $2 billion on research into renewable energy, while they are spending $25 in developing new oil production, said that the solution was up to the customer. Until we, as customers, demand more clean energy and less fossil fuel energy, Shell will continue to produce the oil and gas to satisfy our needs: that’s how the market works.

So it really is up to us. Up to us not to think we don’t count; not to freeze like rabbits caught in headlights; not to wait for anyone else to take the lead. As Christians we should be in the vanguard.

So what can you do? Your ECO team have set up a series of pages on the St Mary’s Church website (click on ‘Other’ then on ‘ECO Church’) and scroll down to the ‘What can I do?’ option. You’ll find plenty of ideas there to get you started. If you click on ‘footprintr.me’ link in that section you will be able to calculate your own carbon footprint. In a year’s time, do it again and see if you’ve make your contribution to the 7.6% reduction that humanity needs. Get started on the small things by all means, but it is clearly time now to do the big stuff. Good luck!