Appraisal, Performance Management and PRP

The new framework for appraisal and Performance Management constitutes a major challenge for schools. Since 2012, Performance Management should have had a clear link to formal disciplinary and competency procedures and now should be the basis of recommendations for pay progression.

The responsibility for line managers is immense. How robust is your current process? Are middle leaders and line managers adequately trained for their new role? Do they feel confident about some of the tough decisions they may have to face? What is the scope for informal procedures? Has PRP been introduced successfully?

Who is it for?

All line managers in your Performance Management and PRP processes.

What will you learn?

How the new framework will affect your current processes. We will explore the dangers of a ‘comfortable’ appraisal in which nice but inaccurate observations are recorded which might undermine any future formal processes. Above all the course will prepare you for the challenging conversations you may have to conduct when performance is not adequate or when a pay increment is not going to be recommended.


  • A health check on your current system
  • Exploration of areas of weakness
  • Having robust integrity when managing colleagues who are also friends
  • Using coaching techniques to agree stretch and challenge in targets
  • Establishing a culture of accountability and professional reflection
  • Managing the transition from a coaching approach to incisive line management 
  • ‘Courageous conversations’ and contracting for improvement
  • Managing the interface between PM and competency procedures: roles and responsibilities
  • Breaking bad news: how you can continue to work closely with colleagues after a difficult appraisal.

Cost: £650 per day plus expenses for up to 24 delegates. Fee for larger groups on application.

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