Staff coaching to raise achievement

This training will enable participants to develop a shared concept of what coaching is, practise or extend their techniques and develop ways forward for your school. Whether coaching is your strategy to move teachers on from ‘good’ to ‘great’, or is focussed on the ‘barely satisfactory’, this course will provide techniques, engender confidence and develop skills.

Who is it suitable for?

Headteachers, senior and middle leaders and all teachers with a responsibility for coaching. Alternatively, according to your coaching strategy, you may wish to train a group of 6-12 talented teachers who will become your cross curricular peer coaching team.

Whether you are considering the establishment of a new coaching programme and want to consider structures and protocols, or have an existing programme and want to refresh the training of your existing coaches, this programme can be tailored to suit your needs.

What will you learn?

This workshop covers the role and responsibility of the coach or mentor, the principles and theory behind coaching and how it relates to managing performance. The application and development of skills will be enabled through practical exercises throughout the day. Some of the challenges that coaches can face will also be addressed, such as dealing with defensiveness and denial. Delegates will have the opportunity to consider the practical issues of establishing a coaching programme in their school and its relationship with performance management or competency procedures. 


  • What is coaching? Definitions and principles
  • The role of coaching in school improvement
  • The GROW model of coaching
  • Practical exercises in coaching techniques
  • Coaching to motivate the de-motivated
  • Coaching to overcome defensiveness or denial
  • The coaching relationship
  • Beliefs, limitations and empowerment
  • Structures, protocols and confidentiality. 

Additionally, in tailoring the course to your needs you may be interested in:

  • Opportunities to gain advanced skills
  • Review and refreshment of existing programmes
  • online/telephone coaching support for individuals
  • the application of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • ‘Issues, Feelings and Identity’ conversations.

Cost: £750 per day plus expenses. 

“Excellent rapport and mannerisms. Always clear. Fabulous. All of it relevant. It was excellent.”

“This was a very informative course. I instantly felt comfortable and appreciate the experiences to help me start to be an effective coach in the future.”

“Edward's own personal style is very creative.”

“A calm, gentle delivery from Edward coupled with a little bit of realism. A lovely course that quickly engaged everyone.”

“Dynamic and relaxed.”

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