Improving your performance as a senior leadership team

The performance of the Senior Leadership team is critical to your school’s success, but you may not all be pulling in the same direction. There may be historical tensions, rivalries or resistance to the ideas and direction of a new head or principal. You may not all share the same vision or have the same approach to school development.

This course can be part of a wider consultancy. involving a greater degree of analysis of individual relationships, tensions and dysfunctionality.

Who is it suitable for?

Headteachers and principals who are concerned about the effectiveness of their SLT, or who are new in post and wish to take the opportunity to establish a new team identity, new priorities and new ways of working. 

What will you learn?

The day will be an active one, involving workshop approaches to strengthen the performance of your leadership team. There will be the opportunity to open up and resolve risky issues for discussion in a well managed, supportive environment. Improved relationship and a renewed sense of commitment to the school’s vision ethos and leadership should result. The programme will be very much tailored to your own, specific requirements.

Delegates will:

  • Analyse the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the school as a whole and of the SLT in particular
  • Explore their personality traits and how these might maximise their contribution to the team
  • Debate the styles of leadership they would prefer
  • Develop some coaching skills
  • Increase their sense of ownership and engagement within the team
  • Analyse the culture of their school and the ‘blockers’ to change
  • Consider how they might improve or develop relationships within the team


  • School and SLT analysis
  • Personalities and Team building
  • Styles of Leadership and meeting management
  • Styles of Delegation and Empowerment
  • Teambuilding exercise
  • Personal success coaching and other coaching techniques
  • Planning to lead Cultural Change


  • One to one conversations and meetings are offered to help resolve deeper issues.
  • Confidential feedback to the headteacher on the performance of the team and the most appropriate approaches to adopt.

Cost: £750 per day plus expenses

“My SMT were not comfortable about challenging underperformance and this consultancy was an excellent opportunity for the team to work together to address share concerns.”

“It was excellent from start to finish. The consultancy team all felt they had gained in confidence and are much more aware of their own strengths.”

“The whole day has given us lots to think about and help us to change the way we work to be more effective.”

“It was validating. The contract technique and how to be gently relentless were particularly helpful! Clear, concise and personal. Worth every penny!”

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