Adventure, CO26 and Activism

Spiced with first-hand experiences of the effects of global warming on oceans and mountains, this illustrated session will explore the importance of COP26 in Glasgow this year for the future of humanity.


This vital international conference will assess whether the ‘Nationally Determined Contributions’ of the signatories to the Paris Agreement towards CO2 reduction have any chance of limiting global warming to 2°c, let alone 1.5°c. At the moment, there is very little change of them doing so. If they don’t, what will happen next?


If politicians once again fail to take adequate action, can technology save us? 


Has the election of Joe Biden made a difference? What impact has Greta Thunberg and the School Strike had? What can I do about it? Does activism have any chance of succeeding? Or is it all too late?


After the initial input, this session will give delegates the chance to discuss and debate in groups, develop their own thoughts and conclusions, and recognise the power we all have as consumers in a democracy.


To find out more about COP26 click here.

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