Personal Effectiveness: enhancing your personal skills and impact

We are often promoted to a leadership on the basis of our success in the classroom. Somehow we are expected to transfer that success into effective management of colleagues. However that may prove to be a very different challenge and require a new set of skills.

This course explores some of the key responsibilities of middle leadership, from the communication of a clear vision to the management of tensions and conflicts in the department. Effective planning processes.

Who is it for?

New and aspiring middle leaders who would like to develop their management and personal effectiveness skills.

What will you learn?

A range of leadership and facilitation strategies which will both promote the effectiveness of your team and its ability to take decisions. Practical tips on how to handle outspoken members who dominate the meeting or those who raise issues which threaten to de-rail the meeting. Workshop techniques which will help establish a ‘learning centred culture’ in your department.


  • The importance of vision and ethos
  • Strategic analysis
  • The planning process
  • Target setting
  • Effective delegation
  • Establishing a culture of accountability
  • The power of expectations
  • Holding ‘Courageous conversations’
  • Leading with integrity

Cost: £650 per day plus expenses for up to 24 delegates. Fee for larger groups on application.

“All of it helped! It increased my knowledge and I now feel much more confident about tackling difficult issues Fantastic! Clear and every second was useful!”

“What was particularly relevant was dealing with teachers and relationships. Strategies and discussion techniques. Fabulous day and great tutor. Thank you!”

“Well structured - explanation and theory split up with practical activiities. Very well taught: Edward was very engaging with an excellent manner.”

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