School Improvement Partner Services

Under the new Performance Management (Appraisal) framework, schools are required to employ an external advisor to conduct the annual review of the headteacher's performance and to advise governors on appropriate remuneration and targets.


  • To provide an experienced, independent colleague, to offer SIP-like services.
  • To work with you and your governors to support, advise and challenge your self evaluation and school improvement programme,
  • To provide external validation of the quality and accuracy of your self evaluation. and to increase your capacity to improve.

As your SIP I will:

  • operate as a critical, professional friend and personal mentor
  • apply my previous experience as a senior leader at secondary level and as a SIP
  • be knowledgeable and up to date with the current issues and challenges facing schools, including the requirements of the new Ofsted framework

Standard five day package:

Autumn term

  • Preliminary visit in the first year to get to know you and your school.
  • Objective analysis and evaluation of your exam results and other data, review of strengths, development areas, actions.
  • Target setting: providing support and challenge in setting motivational targets.
  • Support to governors in reviewing the headteacher/principal's targets and salary.

Spring term

  • Review of progress towards targets, tracking, interventions and impact against whole school priorities.
  • Support and challenge for other key areas of school improvement such as teaching and learning, pupils' behaviour, leadership and management.

Summer term

  • Further review of progress towards targets
  • Identification of priorities for next year.

Throughout the year

  • Support for the headteacher by email and telephone as required.

Fee: £650 per day plus expenses (inclusive of preparation, required report writing and follow up). Five days or more (recommended): discounted by 10%.

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